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Architecture of Commons

Architecture of Commons (Proposition I, II, III, IV), 2017

Mixed Media: graphite, craft paper, aluminum foil (19”x 24”)

This series of mixed media drawings was developed for the multi-disciplinary project (Re)Housing the American Dream: A Message of the Future. The second iteration of (Re)Housing the American Dream; an ongoing community based, performative documentary project which started in 2015. This Milwaukee based project provides a collective forum for refugee and American born children to engage critically with their intersecting issues of immigration, segregation, housing, and happiness.


As part of her visual research for (Re)Housing the American Dream: A Message from the Future Leenaars looked into the bold, brash and futuristic architecture of Brutalist movement, reframing its socialist principals by proposing these architecture for communal spaces, combining various shapes of human huddles and body parts with stark brutalist structures.

Architecture of Commons (Proposition I), 2018, (12 x14 feet), York College Galleries, York (PA)

Architecture of Commons (Proposition II), 2018, (4 x5 feet), York College Galleries, York (PA)

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