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Drawings for a video: Not in Another Place, But This Place…(Happiness)

Drawings for set Not in Another Place, But This Place…(Happiness), 2013

Who is responsible for happiness? What is the relationship between happiness and public policy? Acting as a neighborhood artist-in-residence in Edgewater, Chicago – as part of the Happiness Project, curated by Tricia Van Eck, Leenaars conducted interviews in the neighborhood addressing notions of happiness, community and belonging. Spanning a range of residents, from the Alderman, to community activists, high school students to police commander and local architect. Interview answers led to this series drawings that became the inspiration for the set and the actions performed on the set. Community members acting as themselves, embody ‘happiness’ through performative actions on the stage of the local the local Senn high school auditorium.


For complete publication of drawings with essay by Lori Waxman: “Spinning Hula Hoops with My Dad, and Other Ways to Make Happiness” look here:  Not in Another Place, But This Place…(Happiness) catalog.

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