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Imaginary Homelands

Imaginary Homelands, 2020, duration 1 hr 38 mins

How do we identify with a person or a place? Imaginary Homelands is a documentary project structured as a series of zoom video interviews with residents- through an open call - across the US, and traces stories of belonging, community and loneliness. This video project inadvertently became a zoom-documentary while figuring out how to work within the constraints of the pandemic. Each conversation with each participant starts with the question: can you describe your face from memory and leads into unpacking and uncovering notions of identity, belonging, familial histories and citizenship.


Concept/interviewer: Kirsten Leenaars

Editing: Ellie Hall, Kirsten Leenaars

Participants: Alexander Richard Wilson, Winnie Wong, Marcus Burke, Regin Igloria, Dianna Frid, Isabel Singer, Satoshi Ito, Charlie Kang, Margot Wojdyla

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