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(Re)Constitution (3x8ft), 2016, graphite on wall, Haggerty Museum of Art, Milwaukee

(Re)Constitution, collectively written in 2016, is part of (Re)Housing the American Dream; a cumulative performative documentary project (2015-ongoing). The participating youth reimagined the constitution in the first year of this project and gave it shape through the use of hashtags. The experimental documentary project (Re)Housing the American Dream follows a group of American and refugee youths, growing up in the time of Trump, through the collective making of performative video and text based work exploring the construct of the American Dream. The production period is structured as an annual summer camp in which the works are developed through collaborative processes with the participants. The produced work reflects on current socio-political issues, their lived experiences, individual perspectives and their collective imagination. The annual works cumulatively inform each other and tell the story of a resilient, diverse, opinioned group of youngsters living in divisive times.


Text (Re)Constitution:






































Authors: Isa Ali Ahmad, Nur Ali Ahmad, Yusof Ali Ahmad, Rokimah Ali Ahmad, Alanis Aranda-Salgado, Javon Amin Barker, Elsa Grace Berner, Paw Htoo Boe, Iman Fatmi, Infinity Hopkins, Nina Jackson, Coen T. Kriofske Mainella, Vittoria Patricia Lucchesi, Amina Mohamed, Rahma Mohamed, Jordan Muhammed, Wayan Muhammed, Grace Elaine Ohlendorf, Ju Hta Paw, Hannah Plevin, and Paw Boe Say



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