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Storyboard for a Soap Opera

On Our Way to Tomorrow, storyboards and plotlines, Banff Centre for the Arts (CAN), 2011

In 2011, as part of the exhibition “Without You I’m Nothing: Art and its Audience,” artist Kirsten Leenaars produced On Our Way to Tomorrow, a soap opera based on real-life drama that was filmed on location using MCA staff and visitors as the core actors and extras. While the characters are fully fictionalized, scripts and improvisations were based on their actual positions at the museum Each day a new episode was filmed on site, and a scenario for the next episode developed. On Our Way to Tomorrow was part of the interaction series and exhibition ‘Without You I Am Nothing,’ curated by Tricia Van Eck. These text-based works formed the basis for the development of the plot lines and character developments for the soap opera.

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