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The Broadcast Episodes

Broadcast Title Screen

The Broadcast one-minute episodes (2020) are an extension of the larger The Broadcast project, created for The MSU Broad Museum of Art in 2019. The Broadcast explores the production, performance and intersection of dominant fictions, our collective imagination and lived realities.These short episodes combine performances and interviews with the group of young project participants with archival TV footage and current media coverage  and function as commentary on our current media landscape and ideas of 'truth', 'authenticity' and 'reality'. These episodes were first posted on instagram.

Concept: Kirsten Leenaars

Editors: Kirsten Leenaars, Ellie Hall

Participants: Jackson Byiringiro, Seoulena Ferreri, Stephon Edwards, Jayla Edwards, Julian Edwards, Emad Mayazumi, Isabella Croff, Sahlah Muhammed, Niah Cannon, Ethan Compo, Enele Malete, and Zinzile Malete

Episode 1: Pilot

Episode 2: Signals in Time and Space 

Episode 4: The World is Watching

Episode 5: Silence is Violence

Episode 7: As Seen on TV

Episode 8: The Right to Love

Episode 10: What Are You Afraid Of And Why?

Episode 11: Mr X, I Guess I’d Call You That 

Episode 13: What in a Name is a Teenager?

Episode 14: V.OT.E.

Episode 16: As If Upon A Signal

Episode 17: The Inverted Desire to Understand

Episode 3: Two Truths And One Lie

Episode 6: Welcome to the Dark Side

Episode 9: The Difference Between the Visible and the Obvious

Episode 12: If You Dont Vote

Episode 15: Human Beings in General or Considered Collectively

Episode 18: Channels of Reception: Bad Wifi 

Episode 19: The Business of Broadcasting

Episode 22: A Fear of Tall Bodies of Water (part1)

Episode 25: Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Episode 28: True Today

Episode 31: A Fear of Tall Bodies of Water (part 2)

Episode 34: After Us 

Episode 37: Aspects of the Imagination

Episode 21: A Matter of Opinion

Episode 20: A Human Being Is a Deciding Being.

Episode 24: An Alien Invasion

Episode 23: What Are You Afraid Of?

Episode 27: The World of Tomorrow

Episode 26: Violence in the Community

Episode 30: An International Story 

Episode 29: An Alien Invasion (part 2) 

Episode 32: Mr President, Can You Please Help People More? (Thank You)

Episode 33: Presidential Truths

Episode 35: Tomorrow’s World

Episode 36: Who Are You?

Episode 38: I Want My President to Be Fair

Episode 39: A Picture of A Proper Football Field

Episode 40: Other People’s Opinions

Episode 41: The Performance of Truth

Episode 42: Better for Whom?

Episode 43: A Fear of Tall Bodies of Water (part 3)

Episode 44: The Great Debate

Episode 45: My Fellow Americans 

Episode 46: On Building the Wall and Better Uses of Money

Episode 47: Acts of Selflessness

Episode 48: The World According to Young People

Episode 49: The Importance of Empathy

Episode 52: To Tell The Truth

Episode 50: Act to Care: Mental Health

Episode 51: “you live in a television world”

Episode 53: Constructive Criticism 

Episode 54: Show Time!

Episode 55: The Best Show 

Episode 56: Thank You for Watching! 

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