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The Veras: Family Constellations

The Veras: Family Constellations, 2015, duration 6:28 min

A slapstick inspired portrait of the ‘Vera family’ shot at the home of artist Rafael Vera. Commissioned for his show ‘The Moments Between’ – curated by Jessica Cochran – to amplify or animate the following ideas, each of which are crucial and deeply embedded in Vera’s work: family life, death, the specter, the commons. Leenaars responded to this tight knit family, the nr of chair present in Vera’s house and his favorite book ‘The Little Prince”, after all: ” The important thing is what can’t be seen…”

Starring: Rafael, Rachel, Santiago, Luisa Vera and Francisco Quinones
Camera: Paul Deuth

For more on the show The Moments Between:

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