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Till My Feet Hit the Warm Concrete: Letters from Young People Incarcerated

Alongside the documentary A Letter to the City: "jail is not my home", Leenaars and Circles & Ciphers produced the publication Till My Feet Hit the Warm Concrete: Letters from Young People Incarcerated, which includes all 46 letters they received for this multimedia project. The letters contain poems, hip-hop verses, personal stories and philosophical reflections on the notion of freedom within the context of America. The publication is an important element of their project because it fully represents the multitude of experiences and perspectives that were expressed in the letters. It also serves as an educational tool, as it highlights restorative justice practices and inspires readers to imagine alternative models to the current criminal justice system while providing concrete ways for readers to become active contributors to this conversation. 

The publication is designed by Sonia Yoon.

See Reader below or view and download the publication here.

This publication was made possible with the support of the DCASE Artist Response Grant ($100,000) and support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Washington DC.

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