The Production (Voices, Noises, Melodies), 2019, video still

This is a recording of the virtual event on the MCA's Instagram page via Instagram Live on May 12, 2020. (Visit the official Instagram for The Broadcast including all one-minute episodes that are discussed in this conversation).

Chicago artist Kirsten Leenaars uses collaborative techniques to create artworks that investigate our media landscape and encourage criticality. Join Leenaars to as she discusses her artistic practice and the latest evolution in her video-based work The Broadcast in conversation with MCA Interim Senior Curator January Parkos Arnall.

This virtual studio visit at the MCA is organized by Interim Senior Curator January Parkos Arnall with the Performance and Public Practice team.

Watch the video here:

Updated: May 28

Sobercove Press invites you to a party❣️

On May 26th from 8-10PM CST, join us via Lumpen Radio's twitch stream to celebrate the official release of "The World's Worst: A Guide to the Portsmouth Sinfonia." The book, edited by Chris Reeves and Aaron Walker and published by Soberscove is a collection of ephemera, anecdotes, and archival material on England's Portsmouth Sinfonia, an ensemble of art students and loose musicians who, in 1970, formed a classical orchestra with the restriction being that one must not have familiarity with their given musical instrument. Although retiring in 1980 (after a decade of wild public performances in which they, through their sheer inability, butchered the popular classics) the Sinfonia's spirit of catharsis through collective play and joyful arts mobilization lives on. "The World's Worst Book Release" is a variety show guided by the Sinfonia's pervasive spirit, featuring over 35 performers, karaoke singers, (non-)musicians, poets, dancers, jokers, artists, talkies, and texts, para-texts, commercials, gestures, and overall reminders of the effervescence of playing joyfully. Hosted by Aaron Walker, Chris Reeves, and Jesse Malmed. With contributions from, amongst others: Lori Felker, Erin Hayden, Andy Hall, Kirsten Leenaars, Cathy Hsiao, Li Ming Hu, Hope Esser, Hannah B Higgins, Mark Booth, Mike Lopez

Watch/Listen here:

Watch the video Sounds of Music, 2020, a collaboration by Andy Hall and Kirsten Leenaars here: