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Artist Talk: The Politics of Imagination

Join us for a virtual screening of Kirsten Leenaars’ work (Re)Housing the American Dream: Freedom Principles (2018) followed by an artist’s talk, “(Re)Housing the American Dream and the Politics of Imagination.” Who gets to imagine what? The act of imagining itself is not a fair, objective, or equitable thing. So what happens when you follow the same group of twenty-two American born and refugee youth over a period of years and ask them collectively to imagine different future scenarios, reframe-histories, and contextualize their own lived experiences and truth? Kirsten Leenaars’ (Re)Housing the American Dream: Freedom Principles is part of an ongoing community-based performative documentary project, set in the city of Milwaukee, that explores the role of film as political action, and examines the politics of imagination through the act of collective making.


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