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Everyday, Everyday, Everyday, Everyday Freedoms | Opening

Everyday, Everyday, Everyday, Everyday Freedoms February 1 - March 17, 2019

MICA Meyerhoff Gallery

1303 W. Mt. Royal Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21217

Featured Artists Devin Allen Aram Han Sifuentes Kirsten Leenaars Erick Medel Maria Paula Moreno Alessandra Plaza Saravia Bilphena Yahwon + Sophia Gach-Rasool

Maryland Institute College of Art and For Freedoms 50 State Initiative present Everyday, Everyday, Everyday, Everyday Freedoms, an exhibition that reimagines civic engagement beyond voting in elections. This group exhibition considers how a democracy could be free from disenfranchisement; forming a critique of the frayed political climate from a multiplicity of perspectives. Featuring local, national, and international artists at all stages of their careers, their artwork frames participation and activism through photography, video, game design, sculpture, installation, data visualization, text, and textiles.

Citizenship, race, gender, age, and socioeconomic class exacerbate the inability of some to survive, let alone to engage civically. Beyond critiquing these systemic barriers, the curators prioritize art’s ability to change perspectives through dialogue, collaboration, and social engagement. They imagine freedom as a release from partisan ideology and encourage the viewer to consider civic engagement as an ongoing daily practice—one that is malleable and ripe for redefinition.

Everyday, Everyday, Everyday, Everyday Freedoms is organized by Curatorial Practice MFA at MICA Class of 2020—Andre Bradley, Rodrigo Carazas Portal, Hannah Davis, Ashley He, Imani Haynes, Sung-ah Kang, Eva Sailly, Nathalie von Veh, Minwen Wang, Tiffany Ward, and Aden Weisel, under the direction of José Ruiz, Director of Curatorial Practice, and Gerald Ross, Director of Exhibitions.

Photo: Erick Medel, American’s Only Pop-Up Gallery, 2018, courtesy of the artist


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