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Exhibition: Body, Mind, Spirit: Embodiments in Time

Moreau Art Galleries at Saint Mary's College present:

Body, Mind, Spirit: Embodiments in Time

-- a collaborative project and gallery exhibition by Kirsten Leenaars and Whitney Bradshaw

January 10th – February 25th, 2022

In Body, Mind, Spirit: Embodiments in Time, Chicago-based artists Kirsten Leenaars and Whitney Bradshaw each show individual projects and their collaborative project: Revelations from the Archive - which mines the Saint Mary’s archive for representations of belonging, community, empowerment and activism. Questioning what these images and documents represent and subsequently what the absences in the archive reveal about what it means to be a student at Saint Mary’s. Through this research they try to make connections to the discussions that are happening right now, at campus and in society at large.

Leenaars worked with former and current Saint Mary’s students to create a multi-channel video work titled: We Are Not All That Is Possible (Portraits). Leenaars invited the young womxn to consider what a culture of belonging looks like and what this would mean to them?

Bradshaw’s OUTCRY series is an ongoing social practice project that provides a safe space for womxn to express feelings that have been silenced, or dismissed in our culture.

The connecting thread between Leenaars' and Bradshaw's projects and practices is that their work is underpinned by a strong desire for social change and creating space through their work for womxn to reclaim their voice, tell their stories, take up space and each offer a platform through their work for a multitude of voices and self-expression.

Saint Mary's College

226 Moreau Center for the Arts

Saint Mary's College

Notre Dame, IN 46556


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