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June 25: Boulevard Dreamers on the Beach!

Shane Calvin performing at Boulevard Dreamers, June 25, 2022. Photo credit: Ji Yang

Water Music on the Beach Boulevard Dreamers

Saturday, June 25 from 4-7 PM Lane Beach, 5915 N Sheridan Rd

Join us this Saturday for Water Music on the Beach – our an annual series of live performances on Lake Michigan. This summer, artists Lise Haller Baggesen and Kirsten Leenaars have created Water Music on the Beach: Boulevard Dreamers to connect Edgewater, Rogers Park, and Uptown and celebrate their shared talents and connections to the Lake. The event starts at 6018 N Kenmore Ave at 3 PM with a Boulevard Dreamers Portrait preview. At 3:45 PM together, we will walk to the beach. Beach performances starting at 4 PM. Star-Studded Performances 4:00 pm – Shane Calvin 4:10 pm – The Green Brothers 4:25 pm – Fred Sasaki with Pearl and Rose 4:35 pm – Zach Moore and Sam Scranton 4:50 pm – Jess Smoot 5:00 pm – Rich Blackson, Kofi the Kyd, Trellyo 5:15 pm – Matt Stevenson 5:25 pm – Alex and Ricky Munguia-Mueller 5:40 pm – Emily Hooper, Paula Hooper, Zarah Glenda Baker 5:55 pm – Harlan Rosen 6:05 pm – Corey Douglas Smith 6:15 pm – Akeem Soyan and Marko Stats 6:30 pm – Hannah Santistevan 6:40 pm – Michael Zerang, Janet Bean, Tyler Damon 6:55 pm – Rebirth Poetry Ensemble 7:10 pm – Lifeguard 7:25 pm – Singalong with Anni Holm, Matt Stevenson, and Tricia Van Eck This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency through an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Clockwise: Harlan Rosen, Marko Stats, Alex and Ricky Munguia-Mueller, Emily Hooper, Paula Hooper, Zarah Glenda Baker, Akeem Soyan, Kofi the Kyd, Trellyo, Jess Smoot, Shane Calvin, Fred, Rose, Pearl Sassaki, Lifeguard.

Boulevard Dreamers is a traveling musical variety show and installation that seeks out and highlights the talent within the communities it visits. This collaborative project, created and developed by artists Lise Haller Baggesen and Kirsten Leenaars, consists of three elements: studio portraits of all performers, a stage set/installation, and live performances. Leenaars and Baggesen perform the roles of organizers, talent scouts, community builders, set designers, portrait photographers, stage managers, and event MC's. Earlier presentations of Boulevard Dreamers at The Poetry Foundation, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Franklin, and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

On Lane Beach in Edgewater, the installation of a stage frames the view of Lake Michigan. With tinsel, glamour, glitter, and the allure of the spotlight, Boulevard Dreamers embraces the gathering of performers, the staging of the set, and the theatrical spectacle of the performance itself, all as a labor of love that connects strangers through sharing in the production of a spectacle. Boulevard Dreamers blurs make-believe and reality; professional and amateur; and artists and audience. All performers are treated equally as stars with a studio photo shoot, and are paid equally for their 15 minutes of fame to challenge persistent social constructions and barriers. The acts unfold over three hours on the openly accessible Lane Beach, welcoming passersby, and bringing together a wide ensemble of neighbors on the lakeshore. We’ll see you on the beach!


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