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Lit&Luz Live Magazine Show, Friday Oct 9, 7pm

Live Magazine Show


The annual edition of the Lit & Luz Festival culminates in a world premiere of the festival’s first virtual Live Magazine Show. Each year, Lit & Luz supports the creation of new collaborative artworks between writers, visual artists, and musicians from Chicago and Mexico City. Expect a mix of live streamed and debut videos featuring storytelling, music, poetry, video art, and extemporaneous performances that explore the relationship between the languages, art forms, social issues, and cultures of the United States and Mexico through the theme “Remix: Respond and Rebuild.”

Participating Artists:

Israel Martínez, Sadie Woods, Coya Paz, Diana del Ángel, Sebastián Hidalgo, Eula Biss, Dalia Huerta Cano, Tania Candiani, Fred Sasaki, Selina Trepp, Carla Faesler, Daniel Saldaña París, Jessica Anne, Julián Herbert, Bill MacKay, Kirsten Leenaars, Joel Craig, Sara Uribe, Ana García Jácome, Susy Bielak, Fred Schmalz, Gabriela Jauregui, José Olivarez, Jimena González, Eli Vazquez Sifuentes


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