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Screening 'Interlude' Eye Film Museum Amsterdam, November 28

Interlude, 2005, film still 16 mm film

EYE Film Museum

Het Filmblik

November 28, 19:15 - 21:15 pm

introductions by curator Simoina Monizza, and followed by Q&A's with the artists.

Address: IJpromenade 1

1031 KT Amsterdam


Filmblik was an initiative by Stichting Filmstad, and ran from 1996-2005. An artist was given a film can containing a 120-metre (10-minute) 16mm film roll and the resources to produce a short film using this, in any way they liked. All of the films screen on 16mm.

Together with the 2023 Programmers of the Future, Eye curator Simona Monizza put together a programme of nine short 16mm Filmblik films. The initiators of Filmblik and the makers talk about the project and about what this can mean for contemporary makers.

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  • 2 FLIES (HEIN VAN LIEMPD & SANNY OVERBEEKE, 1998, 5') Short film based on the poem of the same title by Charles Bukowski. In the lead roles: a deer’s head and a cup and saucer.

  • 1-0 VOOR DE WOLVEN (ARIANNE OLTHAAR & MARJOLIJN VAN DER MEIJ, 1997, 6') Four wolves are cooking sausages above a crackling fire. Things get even stranger when their table companions – two humans – are left behind, dismayed.

  • BACKWARD (ERIK WESSELO, 1997, 4') An extremely physical film in which the maker explores and delineates his relationship to his surroundings while mounted on a horse.

  • YAVAS, YAVAS (JOOST VAN VEEN & ROEL VAN DER MAADEN, 1998, 4') In three and a half minutes, Yavas – Turkish for 'easy does it' – gives an impression of the countryside and the bustling towns of eastern Turkey. The soundtrack plays a particularly crucial role in this film.

  • STRIVING FOR IMPROVEMENT (INEKE BAKKER, 2005, 7') 'Striving for Improvement' is the name of an accordion society in the east of the Netherlands. The accordionists rehearse once a week and perform a few times a year. They also give a performance in the film, but the atmosphere is different. Striving for Improvement!

  • SIESTA, LA TETERA Y LA ROSA (NATHALIE ALONSO CASALE, PAVEL SEMTCHENKO, MAX ISSAEV, 1997, 10') Short tragicomedy in which a married couple make determined attempts to recognise and remind one another using elements such as fire and water. The film was shot in Catalonia and Aragon.

  • STILL LIFE (PIETER MOLEVELD, 1997, 10') Still Life is the first in a series of 'one shot movies' by Pieter Moleveld; films consisting of a single shot. The ideal combination of a starting shot and the end shot, without any editing to distract the viewer.

  • INTERLUDE (KIRSTEN LEENAARS, 2005, 6') Kirsten Leenaars is an interdisciplinary video artist based in Chicago, where she works in performance, theatre and documentary. Interlude is an intimate study of the last years of the artists's grandmother's life: shifting into a new phase of her life in which she started to experience the slippage of time, drifting between memories and the present, creating new forms of care and gestures of love.

  • HET KISTJE (CARINA ELLEMERS & BARBARA HIN, 1997, 4') Small things can have big consequences. This is proven when two bald men get into a laughing fit that they just can’t stop.


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