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The Broadcast in production

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

The Broadcast, 2019, production still

The Broadcast is a video project commissioned for the BroadMSU Museum in East Lansing (MI) and part of subsequent show at the museum. The project considers truth and distortion in public address and media representations and addresses questions around which stories are being told, who do these stories belong to, and whose voices are represented? What is fact and what is fake? In 2019, the main obstacle to the shaping of informed and well-considered public opinion in the US is the proliferation of distortions, misinformation, false claims, harassment campaigns, and lack of democratic access to media platforms and more democratic knowledge distribution channels. The result is cynicism, distrust, fear, divisiveness, and the degradation of political and personal agency. During the video production period from July 22 - August 8 the artist and the participants will explore different voices competing for attention: one communicating the truth, the other undermining that effort, challenging the very notion of a known, shared reality. Through the production of The Broadcast, American born, immigrant, and refugee youth will analyze and critique issues involving media, culture, and politics, looking at its impact on public perception and opinion. They will use their own lived experiences and collective imagination to represent the views of young people more broadly that are largely absent from the mainstream media, all in the search for our shared humanity.


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