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(Re)Housing the American Dream, 2016, video still

Living Architecture is a large-scale, multidisciplinary exhibition at 6018 North, Chicago, with public programming including performances, tours, workshops, and conversational dinners that highlight the influence and impact of immigrant artists on Chicago. The exhibition responds to the current political climate to highlight how Chicago was built with immigrant labor, particularly in the arts, and is continuously shaped today by exemplary immigrant artists. With over 50 contemporary artists, Living Architecture illustrates a living and evolving legacy between past and present Chicago immigrants’ work in art and design.

6018 North Kenmore Ave, Chicago

September 1- March 31, 2019

Opening hours Saturday and Sundays 12-5 pm and by appointment.

Featured artists include: Alberto Aguilar, Kioto Aoki, Amanda Assaley and Qais Assali, Axis Lab, Gregory Bae, Balas and Wax, Tizziana Baldenebro, Yesenia Bello, Richard Bock, Irina Botea, Yvette Brackman, Tom Burtonwood and Maryam Taghavi, Verónica Casado Hernández, Derek Chan, Chapuisat Brothers, Eugenia Cheng, Julietta Cheung, Alex Chitty, Sabba Elahi, William Estrada, Silvia Gonzalez with Joseph Josue Mora and Patricia Nguyen, Óscar I González Díaz, Daniel Haddad, Irena Haiduk, Lise Haller Baggesen, Aram Han Sifuentes, Mark Jeffery with ATOM­r, Soohyun Kim, Rodrigo Lara Zendejas, Benjamin Larose, Kirsten Leenaars, Frances Lightbound, Wen Liu, Ivan LOZANO, Junxi Lu, Luftwerk, Carlos Matallana, Esperanza Mayobre, Yvette Mayorga, Jesus Mejia + Ruth, Harold Mendez, Frédéric Moffet, Julie Oh, Claes Oldenburg, Sherwin Ovid, Roni Packer, Jorge Pardo, Emilio Rojas, Moises Salazar, Carlos Salazar Lermont, Jan Tichy, Orkideh Torabi, Andrew Yang, Ji Yang, and others. Living Architecture is co-curated by Tricia Van Eck and Teresa Silva with Nathan Abhalter Smith. A variation of Living Architecture will travel to the Chicago Cultural Center in 2020.

So excited to be part of this publication and upcoming show at Videographe in Montreal curated and publication edited by Zoe Chan! Design: Jeff Kulak. It delves into Chan's research on performative documentary practices and features works by artists Bertille Bak, Shirley Bruno, Tonia Di Risio, Lisa Jackson, Kirsten Leenaars, Caroline Monnet, Yoshua Okón, Helen Reed, Alana Riley, Karen Tam, and May Truong.

© Kirsten Leenaars, New and Definitively Improved, 2016

The I and the We


January 31 - March 2, 2019MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)

OPENING Thursday, January 31, 2019 5pm

Curator: Zoë Chan With the videos of: Arnait Video Productions, Shirley Bruno, Tonia Di Risio, Kirsten Leenaars, Caroline Monnet, Alana Riley, Karen Tam, and a special collaboration Hands on Media Education.

MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) and Vidéographe are pleased to co-host the exhibition curated by Zoë Chan Le je et le nous/The I and the We.

This exhibition presents recent videos at the intersection of documentary and social practice. Made in close collaboration with a wide range of subjects, the featured works explore various vocally expressive platforms—interviews, show-and-tell, even song—that cultivate agency or creativity. The I and the We pays tribute to workers in a Montreal neighbourhood, young Indigenous women, Milwaukee preteens, small-town Italian housewives, ESL high school students in NYC, and other groups little noticed or seldom celebrated. With The I and the We, guest curator Zoë Chan continues her ongoing examination of storytelling, performativity, and documentary in contemporary video.

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