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Interviews with the Artists, Round One

In this live interview with Kirsten Leenaars and Joel Craig we revisit the amazing, collaborative video they created for last fall's Lit & Luz Festival: "¿Cuál es la palabra mágica? / What is the magic word." By Joel Craig, Luis Felipe Fabre, and Kirsten Leenaars.

With hosts Daniel Borzutzky, Rachel Galvin, and Esteban King, we will screen select videos and then converse with their creators about these pieces, upcoming projects, current events, and more. Round one features videos and interviews with Diana del Ángel, Joel Craig, Kirsten Leenaars, and Israel Martínez.

Joel Craig is poetry editor for MAKE. He is the author of The White House (Green Lantern, 2012) and Humanoid, a book of performances, is forthcoming from Green Lantern in autumn 2020. Joel Craig el editor de poesía de MAKE. El es el autor de The White House (Green Lantern Press, 2012) y Humanoid, un libro de actuaciones, está disponible de Green Lantern en otoño de 2020.

Kirsten Leenaars is an interdisciplinary video artist based in Chicago. Various forms of performance, theater, and documentary strategies make up the threads that run through her work. She engages with individuals and communities to create participatory video and performance work. Recent projects include The Broadcast (2019), a video project for the Broad Museum of Art in East Lansing considering truth and distortion in public address and media representations; Present Tense (2019), a multichannel video work commissioned by Illinois Humanities, in which young men and women reflect on their lived experiences of the current justice system and prison-industrial complex and (Re)Housing the American Dream (2015–ongoing), a multi-year performative documentary project with American-born and refugee youth commissioned by the Haggerty Museum of Art in Milwaukee. Kirsten Leenaars es videoartista interdisciplinaria y radica en Chicago. Distintas formas de performance, teatro y estrategias documentales componen los hilos que recorren su obra. Ella se relaciona con individuos y comunidades para realizar videos participativos y obras de performance. Sus recientes proyectos incluyen The Broadcast (2019), un proyecto en video para The Broad Museum of Art en East Lansing que considera la verdad y la distorsión en la dirección pública y las representaciones mediáticas; Present Tense (2019) es video multicanal encargado por Illinois Humanities, en el cual hombres y mujeres reflexionan sobre las experiencias vividas con el sistema de justicia y el complejo industrial de las prisiones; y (Re)Housing the American Dream (2015 – en curso) es un proyecto documental performativo de varios años con jóvenes nacidos en Estados Unidos y refugiados, encargado por el Haggerty Museum of Art en Milwaukee.


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